Saturday, November 24, 2012

Our little swimmer

Lucas enjoyed the wave pool tremendously.  Great Wolf Lodge is a great place to let him run around with minimal parental intervention.  We tried to let Lucas explore and interact with other children as much as possible.  In this video Lucas is exploring the shallow end of the wave pool.

Teach your family the responsible way...RECYCLE!

Several years ago I was awake in the wee hours of the morning and doing some channel surfing when I came upon the local public access channel.  Some elementary-aged children sang a jubilant song about recycling.  The lyrics went something like, "Recycle every day.  Teach your family the responsible way.  RECYCLE!"  It was very cute and catchy and I eventually told Andrew all about it and sang it to him.  It is now an inside joke in our little family and I was reminded of this song when I reviewed some of the videos of Lucas playing with the recycle bin at Great Wolf Lodge.  The little boy is trying his best to go green.

FYI-All of the cool kids, both male and female, wear pink slippers.

I think he likes the couch.

Lucas should be employed by Great Wolf Lodge as an official furniture tester.  He is at a very cute stage.  He gesticulates and points at things with one finger while whispering nonsensical baby talk.  Mom and dad could listen to it all day.

Lucas and the shopping cart

The Wal-Mart near Great Wolf Lodge has an AMAZING toy selection.  This worked out very well for Lucas.  We realized that we did not bring many toys for Lucas and decided on buying a little shopping cart for him.  He loved it.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Lucas on adult water slide

Daddy first tests the slide

... and then mommie and Lucas


Lucas to mama: here, try cheese stick ...

... I got plenty of those.

Nothing better than good rest after day of fun

Done with shopping cart ...

... let's better figure out the code for the security box

Lucas planning family entertainment ...

... by going through hotel brochure

Lucas examines balcony view

View from the balcony

Grodner's stuff ...

Lucas and daddy #2

Lucas and mama #7

Lucas and mama #6

Lucas explains pros and cons of different pools to daddy

Lucas and daddy #1

Lucas and mama #5

Lucas and mama #4

Lucas and mama #3

Lucas and mama #2

Lucas and mama

Family in the water

In lazy river