Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lucas' new ride in the mall

Family in the mall in Orlando

In Altamonte mall

I am here: 28.66813 N 81.37887 W,-81.37887

In Super Aldi

I am here: 28.65904 N 81.34001 W,-81.34001

Having fun in Monkey Joe's

Monkey Joe's

I am here: 28.62410 N 81.32452 W,-81.32452

Breakfast in New Smyrna

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Lucas at Christmas party - family picture

Lucas at Christmas party - playing with dog friend

Lucas at Christmas party - having fun

Lucas at Christmas party with his girl

Christmas presents!

Here is a video of opening his present.

But the best toy was someone else's present - a tube!

Family takes morning walk on the beach


Lucas and dad on the beach talking

Monday, December 24, 2012

Family in Disney World on Christmas Eve

Australian musicial entertains at Disney World

Lucas next to Christmas tree made of light (Disneyland)

Lucas and pirate in Disneyland

Lucas navigates Disneyland jungle

Fun restaurant #2

We were in part of the restaurant where lights were changing all the time. On this picture it was blue.

Fun restaurant #1

It was huge and a lot of things we moving

Fun restaurant video

Family picture in Disneyland

Entering Disneyland

Lucas arrives at Disneyland