Monday, September 26, 2011

Aunt Ryan

Lucas recently had a visit from one of his favorite people, Aunt Ryan.  They had a lot of fun catching up and I got to take some cute pictures of the two in action.  Here is Lucas having fun and relaxing with his Aunt Ryan.

Lucas' newborn session

When Lucas was three weeks old we had a photographer come to our home to take some professional pictures.  I did a quick Google search for local photographers who often do newborn portraits and found Elizabeth Cayton.  She has written a blog entry about her experience with Lucas and I wanted to share it here.  We are so pleased with how the pictures turned out.  Elizabeth is also great with babies.  

Lucas' newborn session

Here is a link to Elizabeth Cayton's website.  She is an amazing photographer.

Elizabeth Cayton: Photographer

The direct link to her blog can be found here (below).

Elizabeth Cayton's blog

Thanks for everything Elizabeth!