Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lucas meets Santa

Santa visited our local toy store and I took Lucas to tell Santa what he would like for Christmas.  Lucas slept while we waited in line and did very well with Santa.

Not even Mom's flash can disturb Lucas' deep car seat slumber.

Pre-Santa slumber continued

The Big Guy looks pretty happy, but Lucas is slightly unsure.

Santa shares some words of wisdom with Lucas.

Santa and Lucas express their dislike of Santa's whimsical toy store chair.

Santa's white glove reminds me of something...     

Yes, it is wrong.  Santa, I'm sorry, but it was totally worth it.  Coal next year for me?  Bring it on!

Lucas' acting debut

Recently I was approached by a fellow parishioner at church and was asked if Lucas would be willing to play the role of "Baby Jesus" in the annual Christmas pageant.  Apparently, the trend these days is to have a live Baby Jesus.  Here are some pictures of Lucas as Baby Jesus.  I played the role of "Mary's midwife," basically an adult who holds Baby Jesus amidst a sea of children in costume.

Lucas did very well.  He did no crying or anything else unacceptable in the theatrical/biblical world.  One of the children playing the role of a sheep did not do so well.  He saw mom and dad and scrambled to leave the altar and go sit with them.  Unfortunately for said sheep, he was strategically placed between two older siblings who tackled him every time he made an attempt to flee.  Eventually the little sheep escaped the clutches of his well-intentioned siblings and ran away to be cuddled by mom.

It was all very cute.  I'm sure Lucas will be a runaway sheep in two years.

Mom, Dad, and Lucas pose before the pageant begins.

Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, and Mary's Midwife

Dad shoots another picture of everyone before the show starts.

What a happy little sheep!

Lucas gets into character.  After all, Baby Jesus was a pretty happy kid, wasn't he?

Stretching never hurts before a big event!

Mom, I'm so tired!  Will it ever start?

Lucas gets some pre-show encouragement from Mom.

Are they serving milk?  I think I see milk!

Here is the whole gang.  Everyone is happy for now!

The sheep is getting a little restless...

Just a few...more...steps and I'm outta here!

Please don't make me stay!

I don't want to be here!

Notice the lack of sheep and the look of defeat on his siblings' faces.

It is so nice to rest in my car seat after a long morning on stage!