Saturday, September 15, 2012

Breakfast with Princesses and Superheroes

Today I took Lucas to a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House of eastern North Carolina.  He had such an amazing time!  There were many princesses and superheroes for him to meet.  Lucas also had his face painted and ate breakfast.  We were handed a paper with pictures of each character at the event when we entered.  He got a sticker for each character he met.  The object was to visit a bunch of characters and get as many stickers as possible and get Bingo.  Lucas got Bingo for meeting the top row of characters on the page and won a Mickey Mouse microphone. 

Thanks so much to my friend, Elizabeth, for inviting us!

Lucas loves Princess Jasmine!

Lucas loved tearing the paper tablecloth.

The volunteer who painted Lucas's face did such a great job!

Wide open space + Lucas = above.

Lucas went as Puss in Boots.

The day was warm and Lucas enjoyed taking off his costume and eating pancakes.

Lucas looked like a pile of costume when he fell over.

Lucas couldn't wait to get to the Ronald McDonald House and meet the characters, but milk is still high on the totem pole.

Lucas tried to feed himself like a big boy.

The giant Ronald McDonald was fascinating.

Here is Papa Smurf.  Did you know that he has long, brown hair in real life?

Lucas meets Woody, Curious George, and Buzz.

Handsome boy!

The only reason Lucas sat still and tolerated this is that the face-painting table was manned by sorority volunteers.

Who needs toys when you have earrings?

Lucas puts on his most serious, masculine face for the sorority girls.

The man in the Hamburglar costume was particularly enthusiastic.

Here is Lucas smearing his Mickey Mouse face paint being held by mom.