Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lucas at 25 weeks

In keeping with tradition I have titled this post "Lucas at 25 weeks."  If I were totally upfront, honest, and using this blog as a means of communicating the realities of our lives and chronicling the day-to-day goings on of our family, it would be titled something like "Lucas's mom is a big slacker." 

By the way, to all of those moms out there who have children whose named end in "s," the rules of apostrophe usage have changed.  It is no longer kosher to just tack on an apostrophe to a child's name that already ends in "s."  Now we have to treat an "s"-ending name like it isn't one and still do the whole apostrophe + "s" thing.  When I was a kid we made Chris possessive by turning it into "Chris'".  This isn't the best demonstration of apostrophe usage because it gets camoflagued by the quotation marks.  Oh well.  It's incorrect now anyway and should be "Chris's."  I should write a song with lyrics involving as many names ending in "s" as possible, ensure that it is catchy, and encourage 6 year-old happy, off-key soprano singing females to sing it to their parents (all members of the English language police, of course)...incessantly.  What is more beautiful than a child's voice?  A tribe of extra apostrophe "s" pronouncing, snake hissing she-bandits will erase motherly love from the planet entirely.

Just so you know.....  I'm annoyed by this secretly issued mandate from the English language police.  Why wasn't I officially informed?  And in a timely manner?

I'm not going to edit old posts to reflect the new rule.  I guess the grammar police will have to hunt me down after reading all of my old posts about "Lucas' _____" and beat me with a giant wooden exclamation point.

Oh, and, I'm definitely not a big nerd or anything....

What's more interesting than my hand in the air?  My hand stuck in a SLEEVE in the air!

If my mom were a better photographer she would take fewer pictures with giant shadows across my face.  But she isn't.  So I'm just going to go with it.